About Chase Therapeutics

  • Chase Therapeutics is an early-stage, product-based specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development of better treatments for brain disease.
  • Chase has the proven ability to rapidly translate advances in the basic neurosciences into safer and more effective approaches to the treatment of neurologic and psychiatric disease.
  • The company pipeline now holds several promising drugs in mid-stage development. One compound is currently in Phase 2 trials for major depressive disorder. Another is about to enter Phase 2 studies to evaluate both palliative and neuroprotective benefit in patients with Parkinson’s disease. The development of a novel, non-invasive bioassay to rapidly diagnose and stage Parkinson’s disease and related disorders as well as provide an early response measure for potentially disease modifying interventions is also underway.
  • Chase products thus provide new hope for those affected by central nervous system disorders that compromise movement (such as Parkinson’s disease), mood (major depressive disorder) and cognition (Parkinson-related dementia).


The Company is driven by a passion to improve the lives of underserved populations afflicted by central nervous system dysfunction through transformative rather than incremental therapeutic innovation.

Chase Therapeutics’ mission is to improve the quality of life for patients with brain disease and their caregivers. Parkinson’s disease and related neurodegenerative disorders currently lack a disease-modifying treatment that would delay onset and slow progression. Other neuropsychiatric conditions including depression also need improved treatments that offer faster onset, greater efficacy and better tolerability. Chase’s goal is to validate our unique approach to discover and develop improved treatments for central nervous system disease; we stand dedicated to optimizing this process with respect to time, cost and quality for the benefit of our patients and investors.